I provide strategies and support to individuals seeking to overcome binge eating and regain their power over food

Would you like to learn how to overcome Binge Eating Disorder and transform your relationship with Food, Body and Mind. Learn the skills and tools from my unique Food Freedom Framework to put an end to food obsession.

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Break free from Binge Eating Hypnosis Audio

Learn how to break free from binge eating and make peace with food.
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Hi, I'm Claire!

A lifelong learner, I am deeply committed to empowering women in conquering their food-related challenges. My training encompasses the latest psychology and neuroscience-based methods from renowned industry experts, allowing me to effectively address the core issues faced by my clients.

Having personally navigated the journey that many of my clients embark on, I possess a profound understanding of the emotional turmoil they experience concerning their relationship with food and self-image.

As an eating disorder therapist, I combine utmost professionalism with a gentle, empathetic, and compassionate approach. Ensuring my clients feel safe and understood while working with me is of paramount importance.

Claire Feldman, Founder of Eatology

Claire Feldman, eating disorder therapist and Founder of Eatology will help you break free from binge-eating

Which sounds like you?

I want help but not sure if I’m ready to invest in therapy

Breakthrough Session

My ½ day breakthrough session might be perfect for you. We’ll have an initial 2 hour deep dive session to help give you a much deeper understanding into your issues with food.  You’ll receive personalised resources and a hypnotherapy audio to listen to and we’ll we’ll have a follow-up session 4 weeks later

I’d like to work with you 1:1

1-2-1 Food freedom therapy

If you’ve tried every diet and plan under the sun and know that your issues with food are long standing and negatively impacting your life, then 1:1 therapy might be best for you. My spaces are limited so that I can offer the best of me to support you and so, a minimum 3 month commitment is required to help you achieve your goals and overcome binge eating.

I prefer to do things solo

Online courses for binge eating

Food Freedom Online Program

This online program has been crafted to help numerous people free themselves from the never-ending cycle of dieting, with the ultimate goal of promoting body acceptance and prioritising health. You deserve more than a life consumed by calorie counting, food obsession, and weight worries. You have the right to experience freedom in your life and food choices.

My self-guided online course equips you with all the necessary tools to overcome emotional and binge eating, fostering a healthier relationship with food. The training is delivered at your own pace through comprehensive audio and video recordings.

Binge Eating Hypnotherapy Audios

Experience the liberating power of our Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions, specifically designed to help you conquer binge and emotional eating, and establish a harmonious relationship with food. 

These powerful audio recordings can redefine your connection with food and exercise, helping you find equilibrium in your life.

Don’t wait any longer. Get your Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions today and embark on your path to achieving freedom from food-related struggles.

Ready to transform your relationship with food UK and Ireland?