Binge & Emotional Eating Group Coaching Food Freedom Program

8 Week Group Coaching Food Freedom Program - For Binge & Emotional Overeaters

Combining psychotherapy with modern energy psychology and neuroscience techniques to clear your subconscious self-sabotage and heal your relationship with food.

If you have been caught in an endless cycle of binge or emotional overeating, this food freedom program is for you.

I designed this food freedom program for women who could literally write a book about all the diets and fads they’ve tried. However, now they’re dealing with an unhealthy relationship with food and know that another diet won’t fix it.

Everything you need to break free from emotional and binge eating, and heal your relationship with food, will be in the program.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Stop obsessing about food or your body 24/7. Eat what you like without nagging feelings of guilt.
  • Quit dieting for good, beacuse you know it always ends in misery!
  • Learn how to handle your feelings towards food and yourself and resolve your emotional overeating.
  • Free yourself from the binge and restrict cycle – learn to read your body’s cues again;
  • Take back your power and heal your relationship with food by releasing your unhelpful limiting beliefs
  • Feel like you are in control and not at the mercy of the food

The 8 Week Food Freedom Program content:

The 8 Week Food Freedom Program will include:

The Investment

14 day money-back guarantee

Got questions about the 8 Week Group Coaching Program?

This program is for women who recognise they have an unhealthy relationship with food and know they need support to overcome it.  It’s for women that are commited to healing their issues with food and are ready to go ‘all in’ with the content and committed to showing up for the coaching calls.

This program is not designed as a replacement for therapy, if you have been diagnosed with and Eating Disorder and require support, please contact to discuss 1:1 options

You will receive acces to a private membership portal where the course content will be drip fed on a weekly basis.  This will be via downloadable PDFs, video and audio lessons.

There will then be a live Coaching Call each week via zoom, where you’ll get the opportunity to be supported by me

I have spent years learning from industry experts and have taken the appraches that I love the most and integrated them into this program.

This means integrating techniques such as CBT to challenge our unhelpful thinking patterns, alongside hypnotherapy to transform our underlying beliefs that keep us stuck.

As 90% of everyhting we do comes from our subconscious mind, I believe it is so important to root out our unconscious beliefs to enable lasting change!


The weekly coaching calls will last around one hour and are likely to be on a Thursday evening.

if you are unable to attend a session, it will be recorded so you can catch up on replay

I appreciate that we all live very busy lives!

I have tried to keep the written and video content to no more than one hour per week.

The weekly coaching call will also be one hours commitment.

Although optional, I do also recommend that you commit to listen to your hypnosis audio every night (15-20 mins)

Whilst I have no doubt that you will love the program and have no regrets, personal guarantees cannot be made.

Individuals change in many ways, for some it can seem almost immediate and for others it takes time.

Please rememeber that if you have had issues for a long time, the process of overcoming them can take time.

I recommend that you fully engage in the 8 week program to get the most from it and then access the materials as and when needed after that to support you.

You’ll have lifetime access to the content.

This also means that as I update or make changes to the program in the future, you’ll also have access to that.

Is there anything else on your mind? Use the button below to send me a message.

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