"I understood as I had done myself, that their issues had nothing to do with food, it was merely a coping strategy for their emotional distress and low self-esteem"

Claire Feldman, Founder of Eatology will help you break free from binge-eating

Hi, I'm Claire

I am an Eating Disorder Therapist on a mission to help women break free from binge eating and gain food freedom!

My story

I spent most of my teens and early adulthood struggling with low self-esteem and poor body image.

What started off as a diet to lose some weight and gain confidence quickly turned into restrictive eating and overexercising. Within a few months….

I was in the grips of an eating cycle of restricting and binging, which soon led to purging behaviors such as overexercising and vomiting. 

This cycle continued for several years until I eventually worked through my recovery.

Despite being ‘recovered’, I still spent the next 15 years in constant pursuit of an unattainable body ideal and never really made peace with myself as I was. 

After a few years practising as a Psychotherapist and hearing women tell stories about their Food, Weight and Body image issues, I understood, as I had done myself, that their issues had nothing to do with food.

Food had merely become a coping strategy to manage the psychological stressors in their life.

To gain as much knowledge as I could about the relationship between Food, Mind and Body, I have sought training from leading experts in the field. I have done this over the last seven years. 

I’m a fully accredited Eating Disorder Therapist and offer 1:1 therapy programmes that are tailored to individual needs.  

Although my core training is in CBT, as my experience and knowledge has broadened, I love to integrate more alternative treatment techniques, such as EFT (Tapping) and RTT (Transformational Hypnotherapy) into my practice.  

Many clients report that these ‘alternative’ techniques helped them to identify and release the causes of their limiting beliefs quickly.


My training and experience encompasses Eating Disorder Recovery, Nutrition and Energy Psychology modalities.  This enables a unique, holistic approach to your recovery.

While, like most women, I still have difficult body image days. I am at peace with who I am and no longer battle with food or the reflection in the mirror.

I truly want to help women overcome their Food, Weight and Body Image issues, so they don’t need to spend countless years in pursuit of Self-Acceptance and Food Freedom.

I specialize in Disordered Eating Recovery and a Non-Diet approach to Health & Wellbeing.

I don’t believe that health has a specific look or size and support my clients to increase their sense of well-being through health promoting behaviours and mindset change.