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Understand Your Eating : eBook and BONUS Hypnosis Audios

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I created the ebook to help provides you with a  little more insight into your relationship with food. 

Our relationship with food can be complex and many of our eating behaviours are deep rooted, from values and beliefs adopted in childhood.

The eBook contains a quiz to help you identify your particular eating style, and you will find an associated hypnosis audio to listening to it daily for at least the next 21 days.

Good Mood Food:
Free Recipe eBook

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This eBook contains some recipes that I love.  

I specifically made the eBook WITHOUT displaying calorie and macronutrient information, as this can be so triggering and unhelpful for someone with disordered eating.

Being Anti-Diet, however,  doesn’t mean being Anti-Health!

So, I thought I would share a little recipe inspiration incase your struggling for nutritious and delicious meal ideas


RTT Bespoke Hypnosis Recording

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RTT uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind which will reprogram and change restricting beliefs with command therapy and positive reinforcement.

Results are achieved when the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns are identified and then treated.

Complete my questionnaire and then I will write and record a bespoke hypnosis audio for you!


Eatology Food Freedom Self Study Program

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