Does hypnotherapy work for binge eating disorder?

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I am excited to offer you a powerful tool that can help you overcome your struggles with binge eating. My free Binge Eating Hypnotherapy Audio is designed specifically for individuals like you who have been battling with yo-yo dieting, endless binge eating, and a poor relationship with food.

Take the first step towards transforming your relationship with food and reclaiming control over your eating habits. 

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Hi, I'm Claire!

Your Food Freedom Therapist

I am an eternal student. I am so passionate about helping women overcome their food struggles that I trained with industry experts in most current psychology and neuroscience approaches to assist them in getting to the root cause of their problem and overcoming it..

Having walked the path that many of my clients have, I have a deep understanding of the distress they are feeling about their relationship with food.

Despite the fact that I am extremely professional, my demeanor is soft, empathic, and sensitive. It is imperative to me that my clients feel safe and understood when they work with me.

Claire Feldman, Founder of Eatology

Claire Feldman, eating disorder therapist and Founder of Eatology will help you break free from binge-eating

Got questions about the Binge Eating Hypnotherapy Audio?

After sign up, you will be emailed a google drive link with the audio recording on it 

Hypnotherapy can be an amazing support tool to help you you overcome patterns of disordered eating.  Personal guarantees can not be made for such products but I encourage you to follow the recommended guidelines for use 

I recommend that you try to listen every day for at least 21 days and then as often as you feel you need after that.  Many of my clients enjoy listening to the recording in bed at night with headphones

It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep listening to the audio, as your subconscious mind will still be listening to the suggestions in the audio

Yes, I have studio quality professionally recorded audios available to purchase on my online shop

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