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Imagine how life would be free from food, weight and body image obsession


Food Freedom Breakthrough Session

You will complete a comprehensive questionnaire prior to our session, so that we can make the most of our time together.

In the initial session we will deep dive into your food and weight history. This will enable us to get a clear understanding, not only of your relationship with food but also the subconscious values and beliefs you have. These values and beliefs might be causing you to sabotage.

You will also receive self-help resources to embed your learning and have a personalised plan of steps to begin your journey to food freedom.

I will write and record a bespoke hypnosis recording to be listened to every day until our follow-up consultation.

After 4 weeks we will then have a follow up session to review progress and discuss any further recommendations or support required.


The Investment

package includes

Hi, I'm Claire!

Your Food Freedom Therapist

I am an eternal student. I am so passionate about helping women overcome their food struggles that I trained with industry experts in most current psychology and neuroscience approaches to assist them in getting to the root cause of their problem and overcoming it..

Having walked the path that many of my clients have, I have a deep understanding of the distress they are feeling about their relationship with food.

Despite the fact that I am extremely professional, my demeanor is soft, empathic, and sensitive. It is imperative to me that my clients feel safe and understood when they work with me.

Claire Feldman, Founder of Eatology

Claire Feldman, eating disorder therapist and Founder of Eatology will help you break free from binge-eating

A Breakthrough Session is perfect for you if:

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Are you currently….

Yes? Then a Food Freedom Breakthrough Session is for you!

Got questions about the Food Freedom Breakthrough Session?

It is my firm belief that you will gain insight into the reason for your emotional eating or binge eating. This awareness in itself can be transformative for individuals.

Even though I have had significant success with clients, I cannot provide personal guarantees. One-on-one therapy might be more appropriate if your problems are widespread and long-standing.

I work from a private and confidential office in Bangor, Co. Down.  Since the pandemic however, most of my services have become virtual and I work with clients throughout the UK (via zoom)

Although the content on my website is focused on Binge Eating Disorder. I work with a number of other issues as well.

It is imperative to recognise that disordered eating is a wide spectrum. Even if you do not have an Eating Disorder diagnosis, your eating problems could be causing you distress.

Those feelings are absolutely valid and if that’s something you’d like to work on with me, then do not hesitate to book a discovery call.

Additionally, I have worked with bulimia, ARFID, and pre and post bariatric surgery counselling.

Unfortunately, I do not accept referrals for anorexia treatment at this time.

Once you have purchased the Food Freedom Breakthrough Session, you’ll be sent a Calendly link to book our initial 2hr session.  You’ll also receive a comprehensive questionnaire to fill in in advance of the call so that we can gain the most value possible from our time together

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