Are you wondering how to stop emotional eating
But not sure where to start?
Which sounds like you?

I want help but not sure if I’m ready to invest in therapy

My ½ day breakthrough session might be perfect for you. We’ll have an initial 2 hour deep dive session to help give you a much deeper understanding into your issues with food.  You’ll be granted access to my 6 wk Food Freedom self-study program and upon it’s completion, we’ll have a one hour follow up session. 

I’d like to work with you 1:1

If you’ve tried every diet and plan under the sun and know that your issues with food are long standing and negatively impacting your life, then 1:1 therapy might be best for you. My spaces are limited so that I can offer the best of me to support you and so, a minimum 3 month commitment is required to help you achieve your goals.